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Fondazione Zeffirelli onlus, arte a trecentosessanta

Zeffirelli non-profit foundation, three hundred and sixty art

Revive seventy years of Franco Zeffirelli career into the museum helded by Zeffirelli no-profit foundation, an immersive trip into Zeffirelli’s through documents, scene objects and paintings.


The museum is normally open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18 and usually closes on 24th, 25th, 31st December and 1st January.

At the moment 
the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation Museum and the Library of Arts and Entertainment are
closed on the basis of measures ordered by the government

The headquarters and the museum

Elemento del percorso espositivo del Museo Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli

“ZF” are the two letters that head in the logo, separated by one of the symbols of the city of Florence , where the Franco Zeffirelli non-profit foundation is located.

The symbol we are talking about is in all probability the dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Brunelleschi’s architectural masterpiece is located a few minutes walk from the building that houses the International Center for the Arts and Entertainment

The headquarters is called Complesso di San Firenze and is located in the homonymous Piazza San Firenze.

The complex of San Firenze is the place where the Artistic Fund of particular historical interest Franco Zeffirelli is located.

The exhibition of the artistic fund in which all the documents concerning the artistic activity of Maestro Franco Zeffirelli converge constitutes the exhibition itinerary of the museum ; Franco Zeffirelli was a film and theater director and set designer .

Franco Zeffirelli has a career that spans the 20th and 21st centuries, from the post-war period to 2019 , Zeffirelli worked until the last, 2019 is in fact the year of his disappearance.

The Italian director was a worldwide excellence in the field of directing and had a good intuition , that of preserving the scenic objects as well as the studies for the theatrical productions and for the film sets.

Zeffirelli’s good intuition has turned into a museum ; a museum that allows you to see how cinema is made and how theater is done in practice and design before implementation.

The fund can be visited in the rooms of the historic complex of San Firenze with an itinerary that is one of the best I have ever traveled, but there is only one good reason to buy a ticket and go up the first flight of stairs: the fame of Franco Zeffirelli , world champion.

I had heard of it before, of course, it’s one of those very important people whose name is in the air and you’ve already heard of it sooner or later.

Then I listened to a friend one day , talk about him, but it was the moment I saw a light in his eyes, actually the same one that I recognized in the rooms.

It was that enthusiasm , the enthusiasm that I had felt in the story that made me seriously consider the idea of ​​visiting it , or rather it was at that moment that I decided: I will see the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation Museum .

Then it went that at San Firenze I was attracted like a fish to a bait, only on leaving did I realize why I had felt that strange sensation after entering. a few steps beyond the entrance gate, the perception of entering a place with borders and an identity.

The props

Franco Zeffirelli

Franco’s career has been almost seventy years long, so you can imagine that there are things to see , there are many, numerically and several intellectually.

His drawings show a design of the scenography on paper, scene by scene; the sheets are colored and valuable from an artistic point of view, they present writings, notes, impressions, indications next to the actual drawing.

In addition to the drawings, we find photos in which he appears , p or group photos, so to speak, with collaborators and actors, photos of the film set .

Then there are the prizes awarded to Franco Zeffirelli , the posters of the films , with the actors in their characters.

The costumes on the mannequins are there, one could say that they wait – before – to be looked at closely – to distance themselves again.

As if they were the clothes of a character who is, at least for a moment distant in time, truly and forever existed.

The repertoire

The models of the scenographies, made of various materials, are the most suggestive part, they make you feel in a meta-theatrical dimension and open your eyes to the drawings, designs that are the vision of Franco Zeffirelli (1923-2019).

His vision of stories that in some cases were written thousands of years ago, then handed down and finally came to life again after tens of centuries.

They came to life on the stages of the best theaters in the world for example they were recited at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York , at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome which was the home of Zeffirelli as well as the works of the maestro Zeffirelli were staged at the Old Vic in London , where Judy Dench , the star famous for her role in the 007 film series , sparkles .

Judy Dench whose interpretation in Chocolat will remain in the history of cinema forever, then among other things Judy Dench worked with Franco Zeffirelli in many roles .

Dame Judith Olivia  Dench  (York, 9 December 1934), British actress was Juliet, Titania, Lady Macbeth and a hundred other roles, worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In A Tea with Mussolini directed by Franco Zeffirelli 1999 , Judy Dench is among the protagonists and it is together with Maggie Smith.

Let me remind you of one thing: Thought and imagination are not the vanity of writers and geniuses , they are something that has an autonomous existence that can last over time, over the centuries, beyond borders, beyond misunderstandings.

And -infine- something about the stories that Franco Zeffirelli directed , stories written by Giovanni Verga , by Luigi Pirandello , by William Shakespeare , we have seen it with Judy Dench, Romeo and Juliet.

But also the musical works of which Franco Zeffirelli is director are part of this mechanism, we speak of works written by Giacomo Puccini , by Giuseppe Verdi , Georges Bizet

The stories of literature and opera have a strength, they have the strength to unite the lives of each of us , for two good reasons.

Because they show something in which everyone can recognize themselves and because they have a meaning for the – in itself empty – word “man”.

Taking a tour of the Zeffirelli Museum makes me think that not everything is lost , it makes me think that the intellectual complexity of Franco Zeffirelli is still alive, it can still be developed today through what remains of his works .

These “ashes” are a resource for everyone , they make us part of a cultural heritage. The cultural heritage of representing oneself, of telling human events.

To get closer to each other, to take into consideration the fact that there is something deeper in the human soul besides the everyday.

Dante Alighieri

An entire room to Franco Zeffirelli Museum is dedicated to the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri , especially the performances of the Divine Comedy , handmade, designed by the master .

The room on Dante Alighieri has an exclusive exhibition path.

We come into the room attracted by the projector lights reflected on the wall, the colors can be seen from the door, as if by magic we find ourselves in the middle, one might say, of the journey of our life .

In the dark forest the designs of Franco Zeffirelli are projected ; they are hung on the walls in neat white frames, the painted sheets contain notes and verses taken from the third canticle, Hell .

Zeffirelli’s images seem to come directly from Dante Alighieri’s imagination , unharmed they land in the third millennium, they do so through a very fine interpreter of Dante’s critical studies on Commoedia , Franco Zeffirelli .

I took photos, when I was there, I am in the image gallery, there are photos of the drawings and of the room, I took them during the visit.

The article then continues further.

Events and projects

The Franco Zeffirelli non-profit foundation. promotes several projects; among these projects we see Moovart Co-Expo 2020.

Moovart Co-Expo 2020

Conferenza di apertura Moovart Co-Expo Firenze 2020 del 3 marzo 2020, riprese e sottotitoli: Elettra Nicodemi

In the video the greetings of Pippo Zeffirelli (president of the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation), the intervention of Cristina Giachi (deputy mayor of the Municipality of Florence) , then Fabrizio Checchi and Sergio Bernardi (president and vice-president of the Amedeo Modigliani foundation) , finally before the questions of the press, speaks Victoria Soto (professor of art history).

Moovart 2020 is sponsored by the Municipality of Florence , created by the Amedeo Modigliani Scientific Research Foundation in partnership with Moov ltd ; h with an intent of cultural promotion , they want to promote new emerging artists internationally.

The press conference with the authorities was held on Tuesday March 3rd. before the restrictive decree issued by the Italian government, the same decree also known for the beating on social networks with the hashtag iorestoacasa.

The opening conference is shown here available to all those who have the pleasure of taking part virtually; the video is subtitled.

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