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Sguardo su Immagine Italia & Co. 2020

A gaze upon Immagine Italia & Co. 2020 edition

Cover image from the interview,
Daniele Thanatos Celeri and Elettra Nicodemi

Appointments for underwear made in Italy and beyond

In Tuscany a couple of events are absolutely indispensable for the fashion of underwear, one of these is held in Florence and is called Immagine Italia & Co.

The event organized by the Pistoia Chamber of Commerce has Florence as its base; Florence is the historical capital of fashion in Italy but to be more precise it is located in the pavilions of the Fortezza da Basso, city’s exhibition center.

Image Italia & Co. it is three days long and it happens during the first week of February (1-3 February) in conjunction with Firenze Home TexStyle of Firenze Fiera which concerns rather Household and Nautical Linen.

Our Daniele Thanatos Celeri was at Immagine Italia & Co, even if the coldest days of the year and despite the many commitments that he runs, for him in fact the Florentine underwear event is an important stage, in fact with Immagine Italia & Co. Daniele is, so to speak, in his natural element.

Not only he dials in one of the two sectors that he specifically takes care of in his activity as a photographer Underwear and Swimwear, but also he has the opportunity to see production and marketing in practice in Italy.

With the Tuscan event, this year at its thirteenth edition, he has the opportunity to get the general idea in the short term for the next autumn-winter but at the same time to see fashion design developments. He follows fashion design developments to see future trends; he follows it days per day on the official web channels and he get an idea of ​​what the current trend is for each individual company.

Working as photographer

Mura della Fortezza da Basso (Firenze), ingresso con stendardo di “Immagine Italia &Co. 13”

I start figuring out your ability to advise, as well as your ability to provide a good range of information to people who turn to your photo studio for a photo shoot.

Daniele just smiles – this is my job – he took such comments seriously, he is not actually someone I can easily flattered.

If it were not for his passion for underwear and especially for luxury lingerie that is really consistent, so much that one could even think of touching it just by reaching out a hand, it would not have been easy to interview him.

I don’t know much about him and yet I seem to have found an harmony with him, a wavelength that works on a working level.

Inside Immagine Italia & Co.

I ask Daniele what he saw at Immagine Italia & Co. this year.

He answers correctly, begins to talk to me about colors and palettes, collections and fabrics, we end up talking about the United States and the forecasting that comes from there.

– Transparencies have been crucial for years and the fabric of the moment is clearly tulle.-

I am curious to know if it will be an intimate made exclusively by tulle or something similar.

Daniele as usual is very patient and always takes the time to explain everything that one does not understand on the fly.

I’m not sure I said it before, the event held early February  in Fortezza da Basso is a three-day event for professionals, while the public arrives at that in due course, the images are disseminated by Immagine Italia & Co. for next season’s collections, at Imagine Italia &Co. those are an absolute preview.

It is not yet time to give news through the advertising, nor will you see those shortly on any page of any favorite magazine of yours.

– Yes, of course Immagine Italia & Co.- says Daniele – it is a preview for employees in the sector, saying the thruth we only see a small overview, we do not see everything, however yes it is a really important preview.

The main trend 2020 in underwear?

– As far as the question you asked me- he adds delicately –Tulle and everything that has been transparent in general has exploded for years, while the characteristic that predominates Underwear Design is mainly the romantic mood board, sometimes luxury rather than bold.

– In  women’s underwear both tulle and micro tulle but processes such as lace or embroidery will give us extraordinary garments.-

At Immagine Italia they present underwear, nightwear and socks for both women and men and I would like to know more about the male part; but it is in the female that I get the most from Daniele, in short the female underwear is undoubtedly predominant in every regard; then I ask him a specific question and for him it comes down like a bolt of lightning.

-Do you see any continuity between what are the proposals for next summer and those for next winter?-

He answers something like that is a simple question with a difficult answer, I see, usually the most trivial questions are also the most intricate and require a complex answer, that’s true.

Then he tells me that if that is what I want to know, then he has many things to talk about.

– In view of the continuity between summer and winter collections -he explains- we need to put different fabrics, different colors, shapes that cannot be assimilated.-

It becomes clear that we talk about very different things and that the beach clothes during the summer, are the masters very often, just as I do not miss one thing that Daniele Thanatos insists every time he has the opportunity.

Communication in the world of underwear

-Today, unlike in the past, it is more significant to communicate directly to a woman rather than to a man, now as global opinion, if in the field we put a product for her, we must assign photographic communication directly to the woman; in fact nowadays in most cases it is she herself who buys it.

News on fabrics and cloth

Le sedute e la passerella delle sfilate, tutto pronto per i partecipanti di
Immagine Italia &Co. 13

Then we talk about the fabrics and cloth used; some brands use organic yarns, coming from companies that have an ethical fair trade policy; companies for which the watchword is sustainability.

Additional considerations

I will never look at an outfit underwear and bra with the same eyes again, now I see the long history that it carries and that concerns not only your personal taste, but the whole world, in some way; who knows, in the future I may ask for a further interview on Daniele Thanatos, to talk about the United States and figured out a broader vision of the market worldwide.

However, before removing the label, next time, I promise to look at the country of manufacture and I will take information on the fabric but not only to decide how to set the cycle of the washing machine, provided that a haute couture garment can be thrown into the basket as an old sweater, as it comes without thinking about the consequences.

I close the notebook, even Daniele has to get back to work and among other things on the agenda he has History of fashion reports that he is preparing for this magazine.

I think maybe it’s time to take stock of the chat, shake hands with Daniele Thanatos Celeri and get out of the door I entered a while ago.

But first I still have few questions to ask the photographer specializing in Boudoir Photography and Fashion Photography for underwearswimwear and related sectors.

Any appointment for swimwear?

I would like to know some more about the other event in the sector which takes place annually in Fortezza da Basso.

-It is Maredamare and, as Immagine Italia & Co. exhibits medium, medium-high, high-end brands and is held in the second half of July, usually 26th, 27th and 28th, always in Florence- Will you go there? –

– Well, of course, I can’t wait, Maredamare shows a preview of the swimwear for next season, the brands that participate are many; as well as at Immagine Italia & Co., there are stands, fashion shows, it is a great trade fair event

Any other important appointment?

-If you had lost these Florentine windows in Fortezza da Basso, that is, if for an unfortunate case you will not go at Immagine Italia & Co. or at Maredamare next year, which part of the world would you aim for? 

Daniele Thanatos, as always, responds calmly

-I would consider the French capital, Paris, where SIL – Salon International de la Lingerie– takes place.

Do the sizes oversize in the underwear segment?

From what this year has told me, the attention to that market segment is high, there are numerous brands that have thought of making their products available at large sizes (the “Oversizes”) .

– It must be Paris that carry this closure. –

In fact, now it is really time to go, I think so among Paris, for the fact that in 2019 the so-called positive body demonstrations were hundreds of women, of all sizes, paraded in underwear; they marched throught streets in protest, for the right to diversity.

We could say not to forget the many sides of femininity, to remember that the level playing field between man and woman also passes through a good relationship with one’s body.

curated by Elettra Nicodemi

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